We Help CNC Machine Shop Owners Retire Knowing That Their Employees, Customers, And Their Good Name Are In A Safe Pair of Hands

by showing them how to position their business to attract the type of buyer they want.

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How Long Have You Wondered What Would Happen If You Sold Your Business, Stepped Away, Or Retired?

Most small and medium sized machine shops slowly fade away becoming nothing more than an old guy in a room full of old machines making parts for one or two customers.

  • Your best guy wants to retire too

  • Your kids already have a career

  • Your in the office 6 days a week

  • You can't sleep at night

  • Your wife already moved to Florida

  • You hardly ever see your boat

Selling your business should free you from stress and leave you feeling proud. Most machine shop owners don’t know how to prepare their business for sale. Instead, they reach out to a broker who positions the business so a "trade buyer" (read one of your competitors) might be interested. The same people who might be interested in stealing your employees and your customers. Watch our free class and learn how to sell to the type of buyer you want regardless of what a broker might want.

With Your Business In A Safe Pair of Hands You Will Be Able Step Away Without Regret

Find a Safe Pair of Hands

Trade buyers often chop up your business after the sale, private equity companies will want you to keep running the business because they don't know how to, but the right buyer offering the right terms will keep your business operating and growing.

Maximize Your Post Retirement Cash Flow

Understanding the terms and deal structure that works for you will let you minimize the impact of taxes and maximize your disposable income after the sale.

Create a Legacy

You've spent most of a lifetime building your business, taking care of your customers and your employees. With the right buyer you can ensure that they continue to be taken care of. You can make sure that the legacy you created continues.

How It Works In Three Easy Steps.

Take our Free Class

Our free interactive online class will introduce the key concepts and steps you need to take to both maximize the value of your business and how to make sure the buyer you want makes the offer you want.

Get a Valuation

Meet with one of our business valuation experts to discuss your business's current valuation, and steps you can take to make your business easier to sell to the buyer you want.

Select Your Buyer

Armed with the right knowledge you can attract the type of business buyer you want, you can dictate the sales terms you want, and you can ensure that your business moves into the future the way you choose.

Selling Your Business Can Seem Like Selling A Child.

We know that you have probably spent more time working on and in your business than you have with your family over the past decades. It's your baby.

And you want your baby to continue to grow, to be well known, respected, and successful.

In order to do that, you need a simple way to ensure that your baby is positioned to attract the kind of buyer who will continue to operate it with integrity, taking care of your legacy.

The problem is that most business brokers have never run a machine shop and will almost always position your business to sell to one of your competitors. They call these people "trade buyers." Most of these trade buyers are simply planning to chop up your baby keeping the parts they want and throwing out what they don't.

If your business is a little bit bigger the brokers get excited, because now they can market your business to "financial buyers." These buyers will offer top dollar but you won't get all of it unless you agree to work for them for 3 to 5 years and meet their growth targets. Then they expect to flip it to a new investor for 50% more than they paid you.

If you want your baby chopped up, or you want to work for someone else for the next 5 years go ahead and find a business broker without getting ready first.

But if you want to find a safe pair of hands that will take your baby into the future take our free class to understand how to attract the right kind of buyer, and how to position your business so that they can pay you what you need for it and ensure that it continues to grow and prosper, we can help.

Here's what to do next.

First, sign up for our free class. It will quickly

  • clarify the technobabble and jargon brokers, bankers, and investors like to use,

  • lay out the steps of the sales process,

  • explain the business valuation process, and

  • examine the key things different types of buyers are looking for.

Next, get a free business valuation from one of our experts. We look at businesses like yours every day. and can quickly give you an indication of how much different types of buyers would be willing to pay for your baby and what kind of terms you could expect them to offer.

And if you are ready to sell now, we might even be able to make you an offer ourselves.

If we are not a good fit we could refer you to one of the over 500 investors in our network or even a reputable broker.

There's no hard selling and we promise we won't call you on the phone and bother you. Think of it more like a free consultation combined with some fun "show and tell" as opposed to a canned sales pitch.

Finally, watch your business grow and prosper!

So click the red button below and get started.

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